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Samizdat — the parent project of — is a product of ANDREW CADY and JOSEPH CRAYNE.

I love you Joe


   Man is a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon
   to act in accordance with the dictates of reason.
   		-- Oscar Wilde

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[VID]trump-deflects.mp42020-08-28 13:19 4.4M
[VID]buckley-deflects.mp42020-08-28 13:04 1.6M
[VID]buckley-deflects.mkv2020-08-24 05:46 1.5M
[VID]trump-deflects.mkv2020-08-24 05:46 7.2M
[VID]the-lesson.mp42020-02-13 16:33 6.3M
[VID]trump-takes-over-fbi.mp42020-02-08 23:19 1.4M
[VID]complete-and-total-exoneration.mp42020-02-07 21:39 370K
[VID]mitt-romney-tinhorn-autocracy.mp42020-02-07 21:32 405K

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