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Samizdat — the parent project of — is a product of ANDREW CADY and JOSEPH CRAYNE.

I love you Joe


   Another greeting card category consists of those persons who send out
   photographs of their families every year.  In the same mail that brought the
   greetings from Marcia and Philip, my friend found such a conversation piece.
   "My God, Lida is enormous!" she exclaimed.  I don't know why women want to
   record each year, for two or three hundred people to see, the ravages wrought
   upon them, their mates, and their progeny by the artillery of time, but
   between five and seven per cent of Christmas cards, at a rough estimate, are
   family groups, and even the most charitable recipient studies them for little
   signs of dissolution or derangement.  Nothing cheers a woman more, I am afraid,
   than the proof that another woman is letting herself go, or has lost control
   of her figure, or is clearly driving her husband crazy, or is obviously
   drinking more than is good for her, or still doesn't know what to wear.
   Middle-aged husbands in such photographs are often described as looking
   "young enough to be her son," but they don't always escape so easily, and a
   couple opening envelopes in the season of mercy and good will sometimes handle
   a male friend or acquaintance rather sharply.  "Good Lord!" the wife will say.
   "Frank looks like a sex-crazed shotgun slayer, doesn't he?"  "Not to me," the
   husband may reply.  "to me he looks more like a Wilkes-Barre dentist who is
   being sought by the police in connection with the disappearance of a choir
   		-- James Thurber, "Merry Christmas"

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